The ocean

The calm bay of Ljungskile is well protected from the open sea of Skagerrak. The inner archipelago here is more lush than the more barren and dramatic outer archipelago of the Swedish West Coast. During the seaside resort epoch of the late 1800s the bay was well-known for its mild climate and was appreciated for its dozens of islands, several beaches, and granite boulders which are perfect for exploring and swimming. We want to make the sea as accessible as possible for our guests and we provide boats, kayaks, and Stand-Up-Paddle boards as well as a jetty and sauna. You can even take a round-trip on an old-fashioned tourist ferry.

Sauna bath

”The cold ocean is an exemplary cure, as long as it agrees with the patient, though on the other hand a double-edged sword, that can do more harm than good, if carelessly applied.”

We disagree with Doctor Levertin that the cold ocean nearly always does one good, though for a large part of the year, and for pleasure’s sake, is quite appropriate in combination with a sauna. Having a sauna is an enjoyable and relaxing way to share company. Whether you are staying with us or not you can book our wood-fired sauna-raft, which is actually floating on the ocean, reached by a wooden jetty. The sauna has space for 12 people and has an adjoining relaxation room. You can hop off the raft right outside the door for a refreshing dip or take it slow and use the ladder provided.

Price: from 100 kr per person, with a minimum charge of 750kr per use. The sauna is yours for 1 hour 45 minutes and is heated by the time you arrive.
You can book here, by email or directly through reception.

A trip on the bay


For those who want to test your sea-legs at your own pace. With our dingheys you can securely explore the small islands of the inner archipelago and find your own private beach. We have dingheys in a variety of sizes with outboard motors. Life vests and a marine chart are included of course!

Price: from 500 kr/half day or 800 kr/day.
You can book by email or directly through reception.


Kayak and canoes

For the more adventurous, and for a more intimate experience with nature, we recommend a kayak-or canoe-trip, with or without a guide. We have single and doubble kayaks available for hire as well as canoes. 

Price: from 300 kr/half day or 450 kr/day.
You can book by email or directly through reception.


The Archipelago Boay

Take a step back in time and do as they did in the early 1900s, take a trip on the Archipelago Boat around the bay or to Gustafsberg in Uddevalla, Swedens oldest seaside resort. During July the boats dock at our jetty daily. You find the timetable here. The Archipelago Boats also dock near the bus station in Uddevalla where you can easily take the bus back to Ljungskile and Lyckorna. Buy your tickets onboard or book via The Archipelago Boats have a variety of other scenic trips departing from Uddevalla.

Stand up paddle board (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding is the fastest growing water sport today and is the perfect way to quickly get out on the water. You stand on a large and stable surfboard and navigate your way around with a paddle in the calm waters of Anfasteröd Gårdsvik.

Price: 300 kr/half day and 400 kr/day.
You can book by email or directly through reception, life jackets are included.



The humble mackerel has always been important for the people of Bohuslän. During the summer months the mackerel enter the bay, which is when you have your best chances of landing one. Responsible fishing ensures the mackerel maintain a healthy population, and is therefore one fish we can hook with a good conscience. Mackerel can be fished in a variety of ways but the most common is to angle from a stationary boat or by trolling with baited lines suspended from outriggers at low speed.

Hire a boat and fishing gear and take a picnic basket with you from our café.



Between April and September you may be lucky enough to land an ocean trout. The shallow waters right beneath our resort are full of sandworms, which ocean trout love. Ocean trout are typically fished standing waist-deep in the water with wading pants and a fly- or spinning-rod. We can arrange guided fishing upon request.

Trout – package 2019

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