The forest

The forest surrounding Anfasteröd Gårdsvik drape the hillsides and includes oak, beech, birch and pine. The forest is rich in mushrooms and berries and in the openings on the highest ledges reveals dramatic views over Havstensfjorden. The forest has always been an important resource for the estate, partly as firewood and timber but also as a food source and place for recreation. Just a stone’s throw from the center of our resort you’ll find a hundred-year-old beech forest, whose canopy in spring creates a magical room as the young leaves burst to life, well worth a visit.


There are several kilometers of hiking trail within the area which take you through a variety of landscapes, at different grades of difficulty. Both the Coastal Track and Bohus trail pass through the area and in the nearby hills of Bredfjället you can find even more walking tracks. We help you explore these trails with a picnic basket and transport upon request. We are also happy to provide tips on other accommodation in the area if you wish to overnight as you hike. The following hikes are in order by distance from Anfasteröd Gårdsvik:

Lookout track

The Lookout track begins from reception, and follows through dense pine forest to Vättens highest point. From here you can enjoy sweeping panoramic views over Havstensfjord, all the way to Uddevalla Bridge and Hafstensklippa, a magical place to watch the sunset from. It is said that the stone-pile at the mountain’s highest peak is one in a row of many beacons along the coast and that when a bonfire was lit upon it, the flames could be seen from the fortress on Marstrand 50 km away.

Coastal track

You don’t have to walk many paces from us before you find yourself on the well-established coastal track, right outside our reception. The Coastal track starts on the island of Tjörn in the South and goes all the way to Moss in Norway. The trail is marked and a comprehensive guide to the track is available both digitally and as a book, for sale in our reception. The stretch that leads past us northwards goes through Lyckorna with it’s charming Victorian-style buildings, follows along a shoreside-walk past Ljungskile, and northwards along the coast. The trail southwards follows small gravel roads through forest and fields until you reach a ferry terminal in Kolhättan.

Bredfjället and Bohus trail

The vast Bredfjället rises to a height of nearly 200 meters, like a wall east of Ljungskile, separating the coast from the Göta river valley. It is a heavily forested landscape – parts of it inaccessible – dotted with swampland and small lakes. Up here in the eroded soils of the hills, farmers during the 1600-1700s – who couldn’t afford to buy land in the fertile river valley – struggled against the elements to produce their crops. Today the remains of a few farms survive, but you can see the remnants of cottages, livestock-trails, and earthen cellars that bear witness to the history of the area. Numerous tracks and trails wind through the area, including the Bohus trail Section 11 Hasteröd-Vassbovik. The trail-guide ”Bredfjällsguiden” describes the different tracks in more detail, including the natural and human history of the area, pick up a copy at reception.

Guided tours

Anfasteröd Estate Tour

Follow along on a guided tour of the estate’s history, from 1300s farming to todays forestry. It’s a story of transformation that’s led in many interesting directions over the years including an inn, ice-export, and a kurort.


Join a guided tour about how Robert McFies dream of building a seaside resort at Anfasteröd became reality as a “seaside resort” was founded in 1870, a for the time typical health and spa reasort for upper society.

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