About us

We are a family business in the process of creating a small-scale holiday-park for those who want to get close to nature. Your stay with us should be comfortable, which is why we offer both cottages and safari tents with hotal standard service, but also camping in the more traditional sense. For us, the history of the estate and region is important to us, and we are proud to be able to bring this history to our guests. We strive to be responsibile custodians of the land that we have inherited, by managing it in a sustainable fashion and making Anfasteröd Gårdsvik available to others. If you are looking for an active holiday close to nature, with friendly service and respect for the local history and environment, look no further.

Hanna, Magnus & the team at Anfasteröd Gårdsvik

We are two civil engineers from the countryside, who after ten years in the industry and big city have returned to our roots in the countryside for a new challenge. Hanna is the fourth generation of a family that has managed Anfasteröd for a hundred years and Magnus comes from a farm outside of Habo. We are passionate about Anfasteröd, nature, history, adventure and good food. For us it’s not just about starting a business, it’s a family-run project that we are personally committed to and put our whole hearts into. The whole family is involved and even many friends from the area. By our side we have a fantastic team including two cheerful chefs, a gang of energetic caretakers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, nimble cleaners, multilinguistic receptionists, an early-bird breakfast hostess, and tenacious waiters and waitresses. During peak season we are about 20 staff of 6 different nationalities.

We put our heart and soul into what we do, and we hope that this reaches our guests.


People have been holidaying at Anfasteröd and Lyckorna for over a hundred years and we hope that people will continue to holiday here for a hundred years to come. It’s an absolute priority for us to work sustainably and to one day proudly hand over to the next generation, just as we have inherited this special place from our ancestors.

In concrete terms, we work to manage our resources and energy in an economical manner. For example, we use renewable energy, source organic and local ingredients where possible, and don’t take in more guests than the area can sustain. We believe the biggest win for the environment that we can achieve is in providing an exciting alternative to long-distance journeys to less sustainable destinations. We work on finding logistical solutions for arriving here without having to take a car, or at least that your car can remain parked when you are here. Today, for example, you can reach us by sea, and when you’re here you can get around by hiring a biycle or boat.

Feel the history

A gigantic roller-coaster for ice export, Sweden’s first curling-club, and other mystical legends make up the estate’s history. The story of Anfasteröd is everything but predictable. Love, tragedy, entrepreneurship and an undeniable lust for adventure have put Anfasteröd on the map for many generations and has provided a constant topic of discussion for the village’s residents.

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